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Fraud Risk Management for Financial Services

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Earn more continued professional development (CPD) credits with this course. You will earn 3 CPD credits after completing this course - Fraud Risk Management for Financial Services. You will earn a digital training certificate. The digital certificate will display the course name, your 3 CPD credits as well as your name and surname. You will also become a member of our digital platform and earn a digital "rising star" badge. You can earn a digital training certificate for every course that you complete. You can earn more CPD credits, as well as additional digital badges on our digital training platform. This digital training session will take around 30 minutes to complete. In this course you will learn more about: - Fraud risk management in the financial services industry - Types of fraud in the banking industry - How to identify financial fraud - How to report financial fraud internally Connect, collaborate and interact with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube as well as Facebook.

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