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PAN-EUROPE FORENSIC announces class-action lawsuit against Netherlands company.

Zürich - Switzerland

1 Mar 2022

PAN-EUROPE FORENSIC uncovered a global fraud & money laundering syndicate in Amsterdam. Investors across Europe were defrauded during deal discussions.

Conducting digital document analysis, enabled us to identify syndicate members. Through financial analysis of bank accounts, we could isolate certain company directors responsible for facilitating the fraud. Deeper financial analysis uncovered a fake insurance company in Amsterdam. Fake insurance documents were also presented.

In the financial fraud scheme, a front company was used to channel several hundred thousand euro. Our financial analysis also revealed, that the company name was “flipped” and changed to a different name, after the fraud was executed. We identified money laundering as well as fraud. We froze corporate bank accounts and performed additional financial analysis to recover stolen funds.


As part of our client's lawsuit, we are dealing directly with the Justice Department's state prosecutors, and helping them to formulate financial crimes charges.

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